mask MIA

Wir wollten euch diese wunderbaren Bilder von Sabrina VIOLET ( nicht vorenthalten. 

We think THE LOOK is perfect :-)))


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    J (Montag, 07 September 2015 14:22)

    Wow! Sabrina looks simply beautiful. The mask is perfect for her and the hair style makes a perfect picture. Fantastic!

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    Sabrina Violet (Montag, 07 September 2015 17:23)

    Thank you very much James. Makes me proud to hear that :)
    I will relay the compliment to B and F. It´s incredible what they do ... at all levels and ways! I love it!

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    Sabrina Violet (Montag, 07 September 2015 17:25)

    Ich möchte allen sagen, dass Sabrina Violet ein Mann ist :)
    Na ok, also zu 50 % würd ich jetzt sagen ... wobei, moment, ich guck mal nach ... ja ok, kann man so stehen lassen :)
    Nein, aber da sieht man mal was mit einer fantastischen Maske und einem gigantischen Shooting alles möglich ist!!!
    Noch Fragen ? :D

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    pierre (Donnerstag, 17 September 2015 16:56)

    Never met Sabrina , she looks perfect and lovely latex clothing too with the masks. I have much more admiration for her while she is a male, Many of us would love to be looking as feminine as Sabrina does. Maybe she gets not enough credit, for me she s a star together with M

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    Sabrina Violet (Donnerstag, 17 September 2015 23:06)

    Thanks a lot Pierre for your incredible nice words :) A hug to you. Sab