funny shooting

Pfingstsonntag - Engelchen links - Teufelchen rechts...... LECHZZZZZ

Ein Tag voller Maskerade, vieler Outfits, jede Menge neuer Pics und Fun mit der fantastischen Angi. Schaut mal die Bilder im Shop :-)) 


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    J (Mittwoch, 18 Mai 2016 15:48)

    Every iteration of new masks that you make is better, sexier and more beautiful than the ones previously made, which were already amazing. How do you do this?
    These pictures are simply a dream. As a fetishist and as someone that can appreciate beauty in many levels, I found myself without words to say what I feel when I see these pictures.
    Simply a dream. Simply a beautiful dream.

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    pierre (Freitag, 27 Mai 2016 05:23)

    Well you have done it again , hard to look at masks and you fall in love again whit each newcomming mask . this time the duo posing has a breathtaking effect of 2 lovely creatures , with mega contra appealing between two ultimate statements. the clean angelfaced white and the daring wicked red opponent. Plz give my compliments to the other friend making this excellent pics possible. And yes at this moment my heart cannot tesist the exciting evil red mask.