sunday afternoon

Sonntag Nachmittag... die Sonne lacht, es klingelt. Perfekter Besuch... perfekte Zeit für eine Anprobe. Viele Fragen: How is the fit, how is the feeling, how I look :-))))

I had give her many answers :-))) I say: TRY and you will see.

THANK YOU my sweet Angie :-)


ENJOY and SHARE if you like :-)

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    Jen Lee (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 21:21)

    Seeing this live or in movie form is something I wish I could see. It gives me chills seeing you two transform if only in pictures. I don't know why but people transforming is something that always grabs my attention in a good way.

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    J (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 23:47)

    I need to agree with the comments above. Having been there and seeming the transformation live, it was a unique experience.