Unser Motto - FETISH & LIFESTYLE  in Kombination. In Ideen vereinen wir unsere Leidenschaft für Latex und Maskierung mit der Lust am Leben.  Lass Dich inspirieren! Our motto, combining FETISH & LIFESTYLE. With our ideas, the passion for latex and masking, come together with our love for life. Let yourself be inspired! 


london special collection

We make a lot of new cool mask to show you in london to the rubbercult :-) Take a LOOK here


 An Irresistible State of Mind


The line between reality and dream

As you walk into your apartment, as you enter the one place where you feel safe, where you can relax and unwind after a full day… As you step in, walk through the door, you see her.


Shocked, you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know who she is, or do you…? Her body shape looks familiar, yet, everything about her is strange. Her shiny black skin, reflecting every source of light in the room, is striking. Her lips, black as well, are perfectly shaped… You find yourself paralyzed. You don’t know who she is, and then, something about her is so familiar. You can’t put your finger to it…...... 


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