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    Jan Soumar (Mittwoch, 12 September 2018 19:31)

    Hello Bea, I dont want to bother you on FaceBook, so I'll leave you my question here.

    I'd like to ask somethin' about the measures. Is it enough for you to know the neck and forehead measures to create the mask?

    How you solve problems, if anybody has a very specific shape of head? A large or small of thin nose for example, or a low face profile ect.

    Thx for the answer ;-)
    Best Regards, Johny

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    Thomas Thomsen (Sonntag, 02 September 2018 11:56)

    Hallo liebe Bea,

    Ich habe bei euch die Cosma Deluxe Maske gekauft und bin sehr angetan von der Spitzen Qualität der Maske sie sitzt Perfekt nichts zwickt oder drückt und ist wirklich sehr weich im Gesichtsbereich ganz ganz tolle Arbeit. Danke

    Hi Bea,

    I have bought the cosma deluxe mask and I‘m so happy about the very good quality everything fit‘s fine and the face part is really soft. You did a really good Job. Thank you for this amazing work.

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    Ulf Wahlström (Samstag, 01 September 2018 11:50)

    Could you please tell me the difference between dark Coma and black mamba. Seems to be the same description

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    Nitri Bitt (Montag, 20 August 2018 13:14)

    Thank you ever so much, Bea!
    My new White & Weird One turned out to be a highlight on Subrosadictum Secret Garden Party last weekend. See for yourself on facebook. Completely AMAZING for hours, received tons of compliments even when we walked home in public (a few terrified faces but no insults at all)... I was reluctant to pull it off the next morning! Can't wait for my new Cosma to arrive!!!
    Love, Nitri

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    Frank (Donnerstag, 02 August 2018 14:08)

    Hi Baldjeanandfriede:) We are very happy to be able to afford custom-made products. Please contact us for special wishes on our contact side. Thank you

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    Baldjeanandfriede (Samstag, 28 Juli 2018 21:43)

    Could those masks be without painted on eyebrows and eyelashes?