A New Identity

What would you experience?

A Second Identity

She doesn’t come to visit often. Her visits are a surprise. But when she arrives, she doesn’t come empty-handed. No, she always brings a new piece of identity, and a story. A story that has been playing in her head… All she needs now, is the willing participant to submit. She will transform him or her into a new self.


This is how she arrived at Studio Black Fun. No notice. A knock on the door and she was invited in. Everyone knows when she wants to play, you listen… You do as you are told. You submit.


After some introductions, she became bored. It was time to show her latest creation. She opened a very expensive box, and out of it, she took a beautifully made female mask. She has this gift, she can really create new identities. She has made several during the past years. Both men and women cannot resit the temptation of pleasing her. Of becoming that dream she has in her mind. No one can resist her, once she is on top of you.

With a motion of her finger, her new participant was brought in. The look in her face, was of pure thought. She wanted a specific identity for this person. She looked at him with eyes that said: You will wear this and you will wear this now!


The man was already masked, with another one of her creations. A beautiful female face ready to be molded with make up and a wig. A simple preview of the things to come. The new mask she brought, though, was different. A more sophisticated look, with hair that provided an air of style and party. It was clear she wanted him to become a diva. A beautiful and glamorous woman of the night.


His second identity was being revealed to him. He had no choice now. She must be satisfied, or else… You don’t want to find out. Roam the halls of Studio Black Fun and you will hear the stories. Some too extreme to recount here. You are better off giving her what she wants. Surrendering to her.


Become your second identity.


With a simple motion, she reached and compared the two masks. The one he was wearing was beautiful too… Another story, one of a night out in the city, came to her mind… Maybe he was ready after all. Maybe his second identity has already taken place…

Yes, she thought. Yes. She can now begin to work on the full transformation. A true second identity. One that can be explored in great detail. Going deep into her fantasies. She will take you there. She will mold you into a new person, sweet or naughty, it doesn’t matter. She has a plan, and she has the ability to create them. A good beautiful mask, worn for hours will assure this. You will no longer remember your own face, only the new one exits.


Yes, she knew what she wanted. Now, it was time to work. Now it was time to create his new identity.

A smile formed in her face. A face not her own.


A face that only spoke of desire.

Sensuality, playful sensuality

Imagine a night in town, smooth jazz playing. You drink your scotch as you scan the crowd. There… Something caught your eye. Brighter than the spotlight that illuminate the band playing, she stands by the bar. Her curly blond hair and shiny red dress instantly make everyone turn and look at her. She is simply fascinating. She walks to you and with a soft voice asks: how about we share a drink?

You have a fantastic evening. Music, laughter and later… A bit of paradise. Her smooth skin, soft and warm, her eyes, clear as the ocean, bring an unforgettable time. And there, with a soft touch of her smooth fingers, she waves goodbye.


Now imagine a different day, you just returned from work. Tired, you just want to spend the rest of the day enjoying good music and maybe a good bath. 

You open the door, and with a soft “hello”, you meet her. Eye to eye. A tanned and beautiful face. Her simple outfit speaks of the ocean and calm waters. Here she is, waiting for you. The bath ready.

You reach out and touch her, not believing your eyes. Her eyes smile, dreamy, knowing a secret… Waiting for you to unlock it. Again, her warm soft skin lures you in, closer, until her perfectly shaped lips touch yours. You both get in the water. Life is good.

Yes, this is all possible. Yes, you can live this. Frank Miersch and “M” makes this dream possible for you. Their masks and striking pictures, coupled with the adaptability and sensuality of latex clothing, provide you and your partner with way to live this. Provocative and fantastic, their masks can transform you.


So, do you want to spend that evening out? Or perhaps feel powerful? You decide. The chance is here. The beauty, sensuality… Playful sensuality is here.