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Here at Mask & Co, we love to create new and provocative masks, fashion accessories, movies and art that will bring your deepest fantasies to life. We work hard to bring you the highest quality and most colorful items to help you fulfill your dream.
In this page, you will find three sections: A New Identity, Events and Art. We would love to show you the lifestyle we live, how our masks help transform people, like you! You can find here articles about passion, about fashion, about hidden secrets and amazing people. We write about art, and how fetish can be pure beauty, as well as a symbol of powerful desire. You can see pictures from events and a deeper description of what it was to be there, how people reacted to our masks; you can see as well how a second identity is built. How our masks can transform you and your partner. How you can be your true YOU.


So, what unique and wonderful fantasies do you have? I know you will find an answer at Mask & Co. I know because we live it, we've seen it. Come and allow yourself to live that fantasy.


Become the most amazing you. Here.