Provocative art that inspires.

A Summer Night

The open window lets the sounds of the night in. Summer smells fill up the room, illuminated by candles and a corner low light. A soulful song can be heard, a heavy blues painting the scene with melancholic feelings. The warm air moves gently with the summer breeze.


She turns. He crystal eyes locked on you.


You catch her reflexion in the mirror. Unable to move, you are locked on that image. Such a simplicity in her beauty. Such perfection. You can’t do anything. You are locked, there… This summer night, the world disappears.

As the candle flames dance, shades play in her face. Slowly her face gets lit by the corner lamp. Bit by bit her true beauty is revealed. A sense of peace and longing overtakes you. You can’t move. You don’t want to move. Caught under her spell.


A new song fills the air. Bringing sounds of a distant beach. Of a full moon by the ocean.


She moves closer.


Her full body uncovered now. Again, the simplicity of her impossible beauty. Her skin, shiny with the night’s warmth. Your eyes follow her curves — inch by inch, until you are locked on her lips.


As the music’s Spanish guitar gets stronger, she looks away…


Getting closer to her, your lips begin to move. But no sound comes out. She moves her head, enough for you to see her eyes. She is staring at you. Lips slightly apart. The sound of sheets under her naked skin is sweet, subtle and hypnotic.


The blues begins again. The sudden breeze blows the candles off.


You turn. You find her laying on her back. Looking intensely at you.


Those eyes. Those lips. Her body… Those hands… Shiny with the heat in the air. A prelude to the passion that will come. Her perfection is both irresistible and impossible. You can’t stop, you begin to move closer, and closer until you are inches from her. You can feel her breathing next to you.


You have waited for this. You have dreamed of this. 

As the Spanish guitar begins again, as the images of long forgotten waves and a beach under the moonlight fills the air… You lose yourself in her.


A summer night.


The Artistic and Provocative side of Fetish Photography

The words “Fetish” and “Latex” are often associated with bondage, wild parties and the taboo. Movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey help perpetuate this. People tend to shy away from this, without knowing what it really is.


There is another side to fetishism, an artistic, sensual and often soft side that is waiting to be discovered and explored. A side that focuses on the beauty of women, on the details of soft movements, the colors and the — almost tangible — taste and feeling of the fabric.


This is what photographer Frank Miersch is exploring with his photography at Mpics Art. His photos experiment with several subjects, from the provocative side of a dominatrix, to the softer side of the beautiful curves of a woman’s body. “Art should captivate the senses,” he says, and with an almost obsessive focus on aesthetics and details, Mr. Miersch brings provocative, sensual and underground photography to a new level.

His model, known only as “M”, perfectly captures his vision. The complete symbiosis of the photographer and the model is such, that each photo brings to the observer a gamut of feelings and sensations, often causing the person to go deeper, into his or her’s fantasies. Searching for hidden details or that message that Mr. Miersch is bringing out with striking focus.


This new and refreshing style bridges two worlds: the “forbidden” and the “erotic”. In his website, Mr. Miersch and “M” were able to create a world where playful fantasies can be accessible to both men and women searching for “artistic fetishism” or to those looking for radical and modern sensual art; art with the touch of the forbidden.


Sensuality, high-quality, lifestyle, erotica and simply beauty are words that come out of people attending the galleries exhibits.

This is what this material — latex — provides, an ample and imaginative way to create erotism and desire, to play with colors, to create outfits that transmit the message of the photographer and model. Through this, both the observer and photographer can really let their most intimate desires come out.


Currently displayed in galleries in the United States and soon Europe, these distinctive and progressive pieces attract viewers from all aspects of life, young and old, men and women. I went to see one of the first exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts, and the reaction of the different viewers was fascinating. Some displayed surprise, some displayed genuine curiosity, yet some other displayed something else entirely different.


I dare you now to come and take a look, let your imagination wander and your fantasies arise. Let “M” show you pure desires.